Troubleshoot issues uploading media to Analyze CS

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This article describes how to troubleshoot media upload errors. 


When a case is uploaded using Hubstream Intelligence Agent, the categorized hashes are sent to the Hubstream queue and the media are uploaded to the Analyze CS queue.  Each of these uploads can succeed or fail independently.

The media files are split into chunks and uploaded directly from Agent to Analyze CS.  If any network issues occur during the upload of a chunk, Agent will retry a total of 3 times over a minute to upload the chunk.  If these retries fail, Agent will carry on processing the rest of the case but will mark the media upload as failed.

Errors that can occur

- The JSON file contains a relative file path to the media file.  If a media file does not exist at that location relative to the JSON file, then an error will occur

- If there is a network issue connecting to Analyze CS, then the chunk will fail and retry will be attempted

- If Analyze CS is experiencing a temporary issue, e.g. database deadlock, then the chunk will fail and retry will be attempted

Detecting that an error occurred

If an error occurs during media upload, this can be detected in the following ways:

  1. The Processing Status report in the Hubstream web UI will show "ErrorUploadMedia" for that case
  2. The case list in Analyze CS will show “Queued” as the status for a long period
  3. The Intelligence Agent application will show “Media Upload Failed” in the Agent user interface
  4. The Agent client log files under Hubstream\Log will show errors 

Troubleshooting media upload errors

1. In Hubstream web interface:

a. Run the Processing Status report in the Hubstream web user interface and look for a row that says ErrorUploadMedia.

b. Note the Date, Organization (e.g. “Merseyside Police [005]”), Source File (e.g. “Export.20160127.123710.json”), and Source Number (e.g. “05 DF 1606 15”) from the processing status report.

2. In Analyze CS:

a. Confirm the current processing status by looking for the case using the Source Number from step 1b which is how you correlate the information between the two systems.

b. Review the CS log files for the date/time of the upload failure to see what errors occurred, and note these.  The logs are located at NetClean Analyze Collaboration Server\EventLogs.  Look in the applog.txt file if the error occurred today or look in the relevant one based on date.

3. At the client machine:

a. Review the Agent log files under Hubstream\Log for the relevant time period.

Steps to remediate the error

1. If there is an error in the Agent log showing “Case Initialize”, this could be related to an issue with the size of the case and the local network.

a. This is addressed in a recent Agent update that reduces the amount of data sent. Try deploying this update, restart Agent, and then choose Retry Uploads from the Agent notification area icon

2. Otherwise, compare the error in the Agent log with the corresponding error in the Analyze CS log.

a. If the cause of the error in Analyze CS is temporary (e.g. database deadlock), choose Retry Uploads from the Agent notification area icon

3. If Retry Uploads fails, then open a support case and send all the information gathered so far:

a. Processing Status report

b. Analyze CS logs

c. Agent logs


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